T-Shirt 101: How to Pick the Perfect Size of T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a perfectly sized t-shirt? There’s no doubt that a t-shirt is one of the universal clothing items you will find on the planet. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, old or young. They are perfect for going to the gym or sleeping in. 

They are also ideal for wearing when you need to perform some gardening or yard work. Cool t-shirts are low-maintenance and comfortable for a low-key Saturday of hanging out around your home watching TV. 

How to Find the Ideal T-Shirt Size

What is not so amazing about t-shirts is how challenging it could be to find one that fits properly. In other cases, picking a great t-shirt could be annoyingly complex. It seems like it should be simple but is very difficult in reality. 

On top of that, most t-shirt seems to cling to the wrong places, hang oddly like a box or look ill-fitting and awkward in some other way. At Price Connection LLC, we genuinely believe that finding a t-shirt that fits you correctly should not be challenging. 

We have put together some tips to help you understand how to choose cool, low-price t-shirts. 

  • Tightness/size
  • A t-shirt that fits properly must be neither too loose nor too tight. It will hang on your body like a box and look unattractive if it is too loose. If it is too tight, it will look like you are squeezed into it—a look that will come across as annoying and smug. 

  • Sleeves
  • The sleeves must extend at least halfway down the upper arm. Are you exceptionally tall? Then you might be good wearing sleeves that are a bit longer, as those will look much proportional. 

  • Shoulder seams
  • Remember that the shoulder seams are an excellent way to tell how a t-shirt fits you. Those seams must reach to your shoulder’s end at the top of the arm. If they extend down the upper arm, your shirt is too large. If they do not reach your shoulder’s end, then your shirt is too small. 

  • Shape
  • Most cheap cool Black t-shirts have no shape to them. They often hang like boxes once you wear them and are extremely unappealing. Instead, search for graphic athletic t-shirts that follow the lines of your body a bit more. Stay away from any shirts cut in the shapes of big squares. 

  • Length 
  • Your t-shirt’s bottom hem should not hit any higher than your hips, or it is too small. It must cover your waistband and extend inches past that. It will look like a crop top every time you lift your arms if it is shorter than that. 

    It will also look like a dress if it is longer than that. Whenever you’re trying on sports-related t-shirts, ensure you raise your arms first to know how far it rides up. 

    We hope you are persuaded of how worthwhile it is to invest in excellent wardrobe staples such as game day t-shirts. We hope you will also consider shopping at Price Connection to fulfill such needs. 

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