What To Know When Ordering From Our Mother Of The Bride Collection



Welcome to Price Connection, where elegance meets affordability in the world of women's fashion. We take pride in offering a stunning range of dresses and women's fashion wear that exude beauty and sophistication.

Price Connection offers it's customers the unique option of ordering & customizing there own dresses via our Mother of the Bride Dress Collection. Shoppers are able to purchase these dresses right from our site, and if your in need of a custom sizing we are able to do this with you via our new online chat feature. The unique feature allows ours customer to chat with a live sales rep who can talk with you about sizing, measurements, and color options before purchase to give you ideas.

Once the purchase has been made the dress making process begins. When it comes to ordering your dress we do recommend going up one size if you are unsure of your measurements as the dress is made from mannequin and usually is about 1 to 2 cm off. The turnaround time takes about 15 to 20 days depending on demand, so its very important not to order last minute. We do our best to get orders processed in a timely manner and have worked with our vendor to get the fastest shipping options, once your dress is complete it will ship directly to you from our factory tracking number provided.

If you need alterations when you receive your dress, we will gladly help you find an alteration shop near you, and will provide this to you via email. While we do have a customer service number that you can contact, it is easier to reach us via our online chat as this will allow us to quickly find orders, color swatches, sizing charts etc.


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